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I had the pleasure to work closely with Tracy when the Company I worked for acquired Cambridge International.  Tracy was the CEO of Cambridge at that time.  During the course of the acquisition and subsequent integration, the more time I spent with Tracy and the business the more I respected her and her leadership.  What struck me the most was how much the team enjoyed working for her, and how highly she was thought of, not only by the office team, but also by individuals on the shop floor.  It was clear to me that she knew how to develop highly motivated and top performing teams.  This to me is the true test of a leader and why I have the highest respect for her as a CEO.  Beyond her leadership ability she is an all around great person, and a pleasure to be around.  During the acquisition I had a chance to spend a considerable amount of time with her, and got to know her personally,  While she is a great leader, she also realizes the importance of family and community involvement.  Her personality makes it easy to both work with her and also grab a beer with her and talk about life in general.

Collin Lang
Chief Financial Officer
VRC Holdings

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A company working through the process of merging with another organization, acquiring, or being acquired by another company faces very unique challenges. Through her experiences in all 3 of these scenarios, Tracy has identified key actions that stabilize an organization through the fast paced and sometimes hectic process. She focuses on the foundation of the organization to ensure the pieces are in place for the teams to step up, communication to the organization for excellent engagement, and identifying team members who must focus on the merger or acquisition itself. These actions combined with strategies regarding strategic fit allow for a far smoother integration process that maximizes returns and ensures long term prosperity for the company.

Barry Voshell
Director of Product Management
Rexnord (formerly Cambridge International)


I had the privilege of working closely with Tracy during the acquisition of her company and the integration of this business into a larger matrix organization. Her leadership, detailed understanding of the different business functions and immediate ability to identify synergies between our companies helped immeasurably with the transition. What impressed me most about Tracy was how transparent and connected she was to all the employees in her business. Everyone at the facility looked to her for answers and she had their full confidence. Tracy was the first CEO up to this point in my career that earned my trust and who I would gladly stand behind. She understands what motivates people and how to lead businesses to success. 

Christine Metcalf
Senior Vice President, Finance and IT
Kalmbach Media


In addition to being a wonderful coach and meeting facilitator for me and for the CEO peer group I am a member of, Tracy has also had a very positive impact on my business and personal life.  She is well prepared and as a CEO that has "been there and done that" knows how to ask the right questions that will usually lead you to your own best solution to any issue you bring to her.  A humble servant leader and a skilled listener, I appreciate that she doesn't ever tell me what to do.  Instead, she seeks to understand and illicit thoughts that get us past the symptoms and to the core of any challenge. If you are stuck in the day-to-day trenches and want to see improvement in your business and life, Tracy can help you get to higher ground, focused on the right things, and create accountability around your plan.

Ken Mann
Managing Director
SC&H Captial


One to one coaching can be an integral part of an executive's professional and personal growth.  Even someone with many years of experience can benefit from polishing their craft.  Tracy is the coach who can help you elevate your game.  She answers your questions, but more importantly, she questions your answers.  Having been the leader of a large organization herself, she brings a contemporary, relevant, real world background to the table.  She has been very helpful to me with strategy and goal setting.  I recommend her highly and without reservation.

Mike Cottingham
Rommel Chesapeake and Rommel Harley Davidson


High praise for Tracy Tyler!  One of the most crucial elements of any company's success is creating and sustaining a high performance culture.  I have personally witnessed Tracy listening, engaging, and collaborating with her team in casting a wide net over what can be possible.  It was refreshing to watch an executive leader foster an environment where every person knew that their input was valued.  The most telling aspect of Tracy's leadership is that ideas and creativity were part of the culture of her team, because everyone believed they were empowered to think and dream bigger!

Randy Disharoon

National Accounts Manager

Rexnord Corporation

Paul Bowe.jpg

The things that stand out to me the most in my interactions with Tracy are about Employee Engagement.  She presented herself as hardworking and professional, but also struck a good balance between work and family.  Her sense of humility, empathy, and compassion were genuinely felt by her team and the organization.  When people feel valued, appreciated, and respected, they tend to speak positively about the company, brand, leadership and employees.  Great ideas flow upward.  That in turn attracts top talent.  She is a great resource to help others create an engaged culture because she did that at Cambridge International.

Paul Bowe
Corporate FP&A Finance Manager
Rockwell Automation

Mike Peach.jpg

When I first met Tracy in 2012, she was highly regarded within the industry and was broadly recognized as having grown Cambridge International to a market leading position.
Some years passed until I was able to join her team in 2017, following the acquisition of Cambridge by Rexnord industries.
Tracy epitomizes the definition of leadership and had clearly earned the
loyalty of her team as she steered the company through a successful integration with Rexnord. Her collaborative and consultative style allows for every team member to feel valued, she stimulates discussion and provides clarity and vision when developing strategy. Passionate about creating customer value, Tracy ‘s commercial acumen and finesse would bring about positive change in any given opportunity or project.

Michael Peach
Strategic Account Executive

choptank logo.jpg

We served as Cambridge International's marketing agency from 2013 to 2018.  We helped develop a number of initiatives designed to elevate the company's brand and promote their tremendous culture.  Under Tracy's leadership, we launched an outreach program called the "Heavy Metal Tour" to deliver their "fun people, serious solutions" approach to customers throughout the U.S.   In addition to increasing sales and establishing Cambridge as a customer service leader, one of the most significant outcomes was the employee engagement that resulted from multi-disciplinary teams working together.  The camaraderie created bonds and empowered each team in a way that transcended boundaries and elevated interpersonal respect and recognition.  None of this would be possible without Tracy's vision and championing this innovative campaign.

Andrea Vernot
Choptank Communications

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