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  • Tracy Tyler

What Are You Looking For?

I have thought a lot in the past few weeks about how people see what they look for. Social media emphasizes this – we all have friends who can’t wait to post something that is negative, especially if it supports their point of view. Now, I don’t want, by any means, to overshadow the tragedy, loss of life, business, livelihood, etc. that thousands of people are facing. But we can’t change that. I naturally look for the good (maybe to a fault), but what better time for everyone to look for the good than now? Some good that I see and hear others talk about:

  • People are helping people, expecting nothing in return

  • Family connections are deepening

o Families are eating dinner together again

o Families are having game nights and watching movies together again

  • People of all ages are spending time outside – I heard a neighbor ring a dinner bell the other day and it made my day!

  • People are re-connecting with family and friends who aren’t local via video

  • Kids aren’t overburdened with school and sports

  • People are thankful and grateful to those who are helping to make a difference

  • Parents are playing with their kids and teaching them some important life skills

This is the world I want to live in. Can we continue this once the COVID19 crisis is over?

For me, I want to “see” my sisters weekly for video coffee dates, I want to slow down and enjoy nature during my neighborhood walks, I want to have a puzzle on the kitchen table that we can work on as a family, I want to stay patient and kind, and I want to keep making connections with people who aren’t in my immediate/local circle.

Of course I miss things that I took for granted a few weeks ago. But I would give those things up in a heartbeat to live in a more positive, grateful, and thankful world.

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