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  • Tracy Tyler

53 Tips to keep your Video Meetings Fun and Engaging

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Use these ideas and tips to encourage sharing, team building, and deepening relationships.

Icebreaker ideas – ask everyone to share or introduce:

1. Share – favorite coffee mug

2. Share – what have you learned about yourself this week

3. Share - what have you learned about your family this week

4. Share – how did you meet your spouse

5. Share – favorite photo

6. Share – favorite recipe

7. Share – favorite TV show/what are you binge watching?

8. Share – where you went to college

9. Share – hometown

10. Share – siblings or only child

11. Share shoe shots – guess whose shot is whose

12. Share – what is your favorite childhood memory

13. Share – favorite cocktail?

14. Share -favorite movie

15. Share – what was your first job?

16. Share – which superhero would you be for a day?

17. Share – what is your hidden talent?

18. Share – when did you get the best customer service

19. Share – what is the best compliment you have gotten from a customer?

20. Share – favorite musician

21. Share – dream vacation

22. Share – have everyone take a picture from their window and have the group guess whose picture it is

23. Share – favorite piece of art

24. Share – which item on your desk would you take with you if stranded on a deserted island?

25. Intro to your pet

26. Intro to your kids

27. Intro to your spouse

28. Book club – have everyone read the same book and discuss (extra points if you let a team member pick the book!)

Themes – create a meeting theme that all can participate in:

29. Bed head day

30. Favorite sports team day

31. Most outrageous PJs

32. Virtual Happy Hour

33. MTV Cribs – have team members give a “virtual” tour of their crib

34. Have a pizza delivered to each attendee and have a “pizza party”

35. Caribbean theme – play music, decorate, favorite drink

General tips:

36. Make up your own hand signals

37. Assign roles – facilitator, referee, timekeeper, scribe, coach

38. High 5’s – set aside time for team members to recognize each other

39. Instead of the facilitator calling on the next person, have the person talking pass to the next person

40. Leave time at the end to wind down with personal conversation

41. Have a new person ask the team a “Question of the week”

42. Set up “virtual” co-working times

43. Send a care package with a specific item that can be discusses

44. No smiling – tell the group to try not to smile for 60 seconds…tell jobs and see who laughs first

45. Pair people up (could do 2 or 3) to break off and work and come back and share with the group

Games/Contests – tap into the competitive spirit (most share ideas could be mini contests!)

46. Run contests with prizes delivered

47. Contest – company trivia

48. Contest – Customer trivia

49. Contest – Competitor trivia

50. Play Never have I ever

51. Contest – most creative backdrop

52. Play two truths and a lie

53. Play “remote work” bingo

Newest tips that I am stealing blindly from what I have others do:

54. Contest - Guess the baby. Have your team send their baby pictures in, past them on the screen, have a contest to see who can guess who is who!

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